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A very happy new year to everyone and congratulations for making it to 2018. It's amazing to be able to look forward to another 365 days. Another chance to continue to pursue our dreams; to love and be loved. But when I think about it, nothing has really changed. The sun rises and sets in the the same place. Its Monday to Friday everyday and January to December every year and there are still 24 hours in the day. What then is it about new year resolutions? Are you a part of the annual ritual of setting new ones every year? If so by what time of the year do you abandon them? Or are you among the few who have no problems seeing your resolutions to the very end?

According to one statistic 88% of people who make new year resolutions fail to keep them. Bearing this in mind, is it worth having new year resolutions at all? 

Well, I think it's definitely worth it. The issue is not about making new year resolutions. First of, what is your motive behind making resolutions? Is it coming from a place of pain and a real desire to change or is it from a place which is utterly not so noble (maybe because others are doing it, it's cool, you don't want to feel left out, you feel guilty etc.). Secondly are your resolutions SMART? And finally who are you doing it for? I think once you can consider these issues carefully and respond to them honesty then you will see that resolutions or whatever you choose to call them, new year ones or ones done at any other time in the year are well worth it. 

Here are some tips for how I make my resolutions stick throughout the year.

1. Why wait until the start of the year to make and keep a promise to yourself? If you suddenly decide to loose weight in the new year because you feel you had a little more than your fair share over the holidays I think if you reflect carefully you will realise that those extra flabs did not appear overnight but probably way earlier in the year and you just added a bit more to it during the holidays. Therefore, the sooner you get started on any positive change in your life, the sooner you will see results. I know... it feels so convenient to say to your self "I'll start in the new year". You feel justified to carry on on the path you're on: "after all," you say to yourself "I know I'm going to sort it out in the new year as if the new year brings with it some special magic that suddenly causes you to stop whatever habits you want to change. 

2. Break your goal/resolution/promise whatever you want to call it into smaller manageable pieces. It's great to look at the bigger picture and visualise your end goal from time to time but don't focus too much on this. Begin to focus on the smaller steps that will get you to your destination. I am going to use my own example to illustrate this. I have set a goal to be at a certain weight by a certain time. Now looking at that end goal, it seems quite daunting and if I continue to focus on it, I will probably start listening to that silly voice that keeps saying to me: "how can you do this? can you imagine how big that goal is and all the obstacles you will have to scale through in order to achieve it? That's impossible".

I tell you this happens to me all the time and I have to fight with everything in me to avoid succumbing to that voice and give entirely. So one of the things I have done is to write down how I intend to achieve this goal and what I want to see happen by specific dates. I have made these steps really small and given myself plenty of time and space so I don't feel overwhelmed and discouraged. 

3. Be kind to yourself. Once I get something into my head I always want to get straight to it and tackle it head on. That doesn't always work and I end up frustrated at my lack of results and get disappointed at myself. From listening to podcasts and watching how truly successful people behave, I have quickly learned that tasks should be tackled a little at a time . Back to my weight loss example above, I have given my self very small manageable steps that I believe will work for me ( you and I might have the same goal but your steps will be way different from mine because it's about YOU!). I am also prepared to forgive myself when I stumble, pick myself up and continue on my path. 

4. Make it a habit by taking it one day at a time. Think of it as something you do now which you are going to make a part of your life. It may mean making changes to your schedule, diet, exercise plan etc. but if you do the little things consistently, they will add up and before you know it you are well on your way. I started drinking freshly squeezed lemon and warm water about a year ago every morning. I can say that in that time I have probably missed a few mornings but now It's stuck and I can't believe a year has gone by since I started it. Now it's the first thing I crave once I wake up. It's benefit I will not talk about here you can google to find out more. 

5. Make use of any help you can get - by this I mean apps, books, friends, family, social media etc. Apps are great and there 's an app for just about anything. here are some you may want to check out for yourself. 

selfcontrol - helps you block sights that cause you to loose focus while working. 

Nozbe - goal tracking app

Lifetick - goal setting app 

habitlist - tracks how you use your time 

These are just a few. There are many free apps and paid ones too. You will have to play around with them a bit to find what works for you. 

Part of the help could be an accountability partner. Someone who shares your vision, has your level of commitment and is motivated to help you. Let's be honest, chances are that you are likely to fail less if you have to report to someone about how you are getting on with your goals. Its not always that easy to find an accountability partner so this is where you might want to turn to social media if you are that inclined. Making your goal public is one way or just finding a group that falls within your niche. 

6. Finally be sure to celebrate your victories no matter how small and don't beat yourself up too much when things don't go according to plan. Wallow a little if you must but get back on track!

Hope you have found this useful and you will take something out of this to help you along. I know none of this is jewellery related but you've got to be a well rounded individual to achieve anything in life and achieving that roundness is a journey on its own. 

I'm excited for this year as I will be bringing you my Beta collection at some point in the year and sharing with you some of the exciting things I'll be doing. Thank you for your support again and remember Be Fabulously You!




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